Toby Merchant is an eleven year-old boy that appeared in Lockdown and was mentioned in Solitary.


Toby is 11 and is average height for an 11 year-old. Alex also mentions toby being skinny.

Involvement with AlexEdit

Alex first saw Toby when there was a commotion on floor 8. Alex, Zee and Donovan rushed to floor 8, to see Toby and Ashley about to jump. When alex hears Toby's name, he remembers his friend of the same name that got killed by the blacksuits. He then talks Toby out of jumping promising him that he knows a way out. Toby decides not to jump and begins to walk toward Alex. Instead, Ashley grabs Toby and forces him to jump with him. Alex rushes and grabs Toby before he falls, but Ashley is still hanging on. Ashley says he won't let go, so Alex punches him twice until Ashley falls to his death. 


After the incident, Toby begins helping them on the plan to escape. When they jump into the river Toby is dragged along the rocks by the current and was severely injured. There are two ways that Toby could have died.

  1. Toby could have crawled out of the river along with the others and died of his injuries.
  2. He could have received a mercy kill because, while unconcious, Alex heard Gary Owens utter "Slit the little man"