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Simon Rojo-Flores (AKA Simon) is a prisoner of the Furnace Penitentiary and assisted in his escape attempt during Solitary.

Arrival at FurnaceEdit

Simon first appears in Solitary as a Rat that helps Alex and Zee. Simon was supposed to be incinerated until Rats attacked the Blacksuits, letting them escape. He escaped along with Ozzie, another rat. Simon was placed in Furnace after robbing a jewelry store. A fight with the owner ensued and a gun went off killing the owner. Simon was originally supposed to be a Blacksuit but turned into a Rat that retained humanity.


Simon is a Rat that was able to remember his name after Alex asked him in Solitary. One of his arms is packed full of muscle and so is his torso. He has silver eyes and is pretty strong, capable of killing a Rat with his bare hands.


In the end of ExecutionAlex had a plan to kill all of Alfred Furnace's creations, but that would also mean killing Simon. Simon agreed to sacrifice himself and ran off, so Alex, Zee, and Lucy wouldn't have to see him die.