Death sentence

Death Sentence Book Cover

Death Sentence is the third installment in The Furnace series.


Alex is turned into a Blacksuit and copes with being a monster


Alex is taken down in the depths of Furnace Penitentiary and is turned into a Blacksuit. He goes though stages of hallucinations and hears that Zee's body has rejected the Nectar. At one point, Zee breaks out with the help of Simon and seeing that Alex is becoming a Blacksuit, tries to smother him with a pillow. Later, The Warden shows Alex around the prison and throws Alex into a series of tests. In one, Alex is tested to see if he would kill Ozzie. He succeeds and is applauded by his comrades. Next, he has to kill Zee. Alex is simply unable to bring himself to do it and attacks everyone in the room, including the Warden. They knock him out and get to the Warden's office. They tell everyone in the prison to try to escape, which starts a riot, the inmates killing all the guards. They try to figure out a way, and suceed. The book ends with the inmates scattering all over as they get to the surface.