"They came without warning. they came with out mercy."

- Lockdown

When a long, continuous siren sounds out in the middle of the night, and the lights turn a blood red, that's how you know that a Bloodwatch is happening. A Bloodwatch is when the Wheezers come and steal the inmates away from their cells to turn them into Furnace's guards, the Blacksuits. They experiment on the inmates. It was procedure to rip, cut, and slice up their skin and stuff it with muscle, take out their eyes and replace them with a silver liquid that can see in the dark, and have been described as two silver pennies set into a persons face. Sometimes, though, the surgery fails or the body rejects Nectar. The people whose surgery has failed lose their minds, become monsters, mindless animals called Rats. The people whose bodies reject the Nectar become Wheezers, creatures who have gas masks stitched into their faces and eyes like black lumps of coal set into rancid porridge. When the wheezers approach your cell during Bloodwatch, they put their hand into their pocket and pull it out covered in a black, horrible grimy substance which they use to paint an 'X' on the bars of the cells. That is the signal for the Blacksuits to come and take one of the inmates that are in the chosen cell. In Furnace, pray you do not get taken, because if you do, it is the beginning of the end.