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Blacksuits are genetically altered human teenagers who underwent a procedure to be turned into super-humans by a substance called Nectar, able to withstand almost any injury. Blacksuits do have a chance to remember their old lives and overcome Alfred Furnace's 'poison'. This often includes the subject remembering his name as said by Monty and was only accomplished by Monty, Alex Sawyer and Sam. The Blacksuits are "Furnace's Army", referring to the penitentiary, and as quoted by The Warden, makes you a "Soldier of Furnace". The surgery for becoming a Blacksuit is done by the Wheezers. Blacksuits require Nectar to live and are otherwise unable to consume food.

Notable BlacksuitsEdit

  • Alex Sawyer
  • Carl Donavon
  • Moleface
  • Montgomery Earl (aka Monty)


Blacksuits are very tall, about 7' 3". They are incredibly strong, and can have rushes of adrenaline fueled by excess nectar which makes them even stronger. They have silver eyes and an evil shark grin. they are muscular, and you can see the nectar coursing throughout their veins from the outside of their body. They are covered in scars, due to the fact they they have been cut open and packed with muscle from dead corpses in the Infirmary.